AFFILIATIONS of Vernon Christian Fellowship

The Salt & Light family of churches in North America are located throughout Canada and the United States. These churches gather annually at regional conferences to strengthen their relational connection, equip current and future leaders, receive reports on missions, and to hear anointed Bible teaching addressing relevant topics.

The Salt & Light International Team are made up of leaders from across our international family of churches.

Years of war and internal strife have left the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo in a desperate condition.

Ray and Mary Anne Bale, along with their son Boss have worked and lived the last ten years in central Africa. As former pastors of VCF, they carry our heart for the Nation of Africa and are building HOPE, for those so deeply impacted by a civil war and genocide. 

King’s Online Bible School provides free courses, designed for group study and ideal for individual learning. There are no exams, no papers, and no evaluations — just reading, hearing, reflecting, and applying biblical truth. It is through His Word that Christ transforms, leads, and enables His people to live lives surrendered to Him. We want to help believers and congregations be firmly rooted and built up in Christ through His Word.

SUPPORTED MINISTRIES within the fellowship

"Helping Those Affected By Our Justice System" We exist to address the need for post release support of offenders in British Columbia, Canada. We mobilize the church to help people whose lives have been impacted by crime, to become whole and productive members of society, by facilitating healing between themselves and the community.

A society of volunteers dedicated to turning surplus vegetables, grown in our country, into a nutritious dehydrated soup mix. This food is sent to third world countries to feed the hungry. Also sourcing used and surplus medical equipment and supplies, donated to aid organizations for use in clinics and hospitals around the world.

A faith-based, Christian organization dedicated to creating a safe, secure, inclusive space for anyone wishing to be a part of a community.

House of Hope is a member of Food Banks British Columbia (FBBC) and an affiliated member of the Canadian Association of Food Banks.