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We would love to connect with you!

Come in to the office at 4507 29th Street anytime Wednesday or Thursday, 9-3pm for a coffee and chat. 

See our ushers Sunday morning to help with any questions. Service is at 10am.

Phone: (250) 545-2927


What to expect on a Sunday

We are just normal people learning what it means to be followers of Jesus.

Our Sundays typically looks like this:

  • 10:00am // 40 minutes of worship & praise

  • 10:40am // 10 minutes announcements, prayer, and monthly communion

  • 10:50am // 40 minutes of sermon message while the children are released into Nursery and Sunday School

  • 11:30am // service concludes and we share 30 minutes of coffee & fellowship


We believe in the priesthood of all believers... you will see the meeting led by one of our team of elders; and speakers including our pastoral staff, guest speakers, and trusted members of the fellowship.

We are an equipping church... you will see those who are learning how to exercise their gifts; we encourage the congregation to feel free in their worship and in edifying the church during praise & worship; and we encourage those who have a word to share to first share with the meeting leader to keep peace in the meeting.

Be encouraged to talk to an usher for any needs you have during a service or an elder for any questions about us as Vernon Christian Fellowship.

What about me?

Some dress casually, some dress formally. Some sing quietly, some praise through flag-waiving, dance, and other arts. If you choose to join in with us, you will be loved however you come. Though we continue to grow more like Jesus, we are not perfect "everything-in-order" Christians and we don't expect that of others.

More details can be found on our I'm New page.

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