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Najenga Congo: Ray & Mary Anne Bale

Years of war and internal strife have left the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo in a desperate condition.


Ray and Mary Anne Bale, along with their son Boss have worked and lived the last ten years in central Africa. As former pastors of VCF, they carry our heart for the Nation of Africa and are building HOPE, for those so deeply impacted by a civil war and genocide. 

“Najenga” is the Swahili word for “We are building.”

You can help support this tremendous effort by contacting the church office to make a donation.

Ethnos Ministries:
South East Asia Mission
Dave & Alice Griffin

Strengthen and serve the Body of Christ in access-restricted and under-developed nations.

Dave and Alice have dedicated their time to serving with Ethnos Asia Ministries, where they teach and encourage the village believers in South East Asia to serve God's people within their own nation. They have been involved in work in Bangladesh, Myanman, N.E. India, Loas, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. They also help orchestrate a Ministerial Bible School, an English Centre and several churches through Ethnos Ministries.


Southeast Asia, is a nation without religious freedom, through direct government persecution, legal restrictions, political instability or conflict between ethnic or religious groups. Access is therefore restricted and very risky. We appreciate this wonderful VCF couple and all that they have sewn into the Kingdom of God abroad.

Donations can be made to Ethnos Ministries or by contacting the Church Office.

Nicaragua Missions:
Bill Tidsbury

Bill is currently serving God in Nicaragua, in several capacities. Sharing the gospel, visiting prisoners, helping widows and orphans... are just of few of the ways he is impacting the area.

Other International Missions:

Some of the missionaries we support are confidential. Please enquire within for information.
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