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On this page, you can find a little history on us, helpful links, and information for today!

VCF began in 1980...

And here we are today...

So, what's important to us?

We want to be Family on Mission Together.


We have two main practices for this:
Mutual Edification of the Church and Evangelism.

We often remember that with this motto:
Follow, Grow, Serve, and Go.

To follow Jesus, grow in Jesus, serve like Jesus, and go disciple others.

So, what should you expect?

Sunday service begins at 10am with 40min of worship. Then children are released to Sunday School and Nursery during a Message. We aim to conclude the service by 11:30am followed by Coffee & Fellowship.

There's no formal dress code and we sing a mix of contemporary and hymns. We look kind of like a Pentecostal church (we're a nondenominational church birthed out of the Charismatic Movement). Parking is located at 4506 & 4507 29th St.

Our week is filled with small group ministry, student ministry, outreach, monthly prayer meetings, day camps, week camps, conferences and retreats.

If you're interested in our larger church history, we have a free book for that! Read The Journey (click link).

We are part of an international family of churches called Salt & Light in our North American Sphere and meet regionally in North America - West.

More details on how we operate can be found in our Commitments.

We also have more local info on our Connect page and Events menu at the top.

Hopefully that's enough to get started. Feel free to ask us any questions.

Look for Charlie, Landon, Leighton, Bryan, Paul, Dan, or Matt.

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