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We are a relational church.  

Living to follow Jesus by growing in Him, serving like Him, and being on mission together in our communities. 

 We welcome you to join us, Sundays 10am

Our small groups and student ministry are active.
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A Little Remodeling

Why the new name you ask? We, the fellowship, are reminding ourselves that the church is not a building, it is the people. We are not changing our name from VCF, just assigning a name to the building to make it easier to refer to for outreach groups, partnering churches we have relationships with, and future ministries. This is an exciting step forward into being family on mission together.

“Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, 

I am sending you.”

~ John 20:21

Recent Series

See below for a recap of our recent series to follow our journey.

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Make Your Home

A deep look into the richness of abiding in Jesus.

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Hearing God

A foundational equipping course to provide every believer with confidence that they can hear God speak to them.

Prayers of the Psalms

Inside the psalms; prayers that look downward, upward and forward.

When You Pray

A closer look at posture, intercession, and other topics as we explore prayer.

The Word That Lives

Scripture: the Word of God.

Heroes of the Faith

Men and Women commended for their faith in God;
Hebrews 11.


What it means to be witnesses of the Gospel.

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Our values as a local body, Vernon Christian Fellowship.

Stories Worth Sharing

Stories from Jesus' life on Earth.

Rooted In Christ

Growing deep roots in Christ and strong branches in our community.

Big Heart, Big Plans

God's big heart and how to share God's big heart.

First Things First

Building momentum in the right direction; our spiritual habits.

Multiply v2.jpg

"Multiply: Extraordinary Growth Through Ordinary People."

How do we see our community reached with the Gospel? Is it possible to see extraordinary growth like the Early Church did? Can ordinary people like you and I be part of God’s plans for this world? In this highly interactive and practical course we will look at questions like these as we seek to join God in His work of loving and saving all people.

This course has finished.


Email to continue the conversation and learn more about future courses.

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